Justyna Sulowska

counselling and psychotherapy in Greenwich and Forest Hill

A change for good


"When I look I am seen, so I exist." (D. Winnicott)


My experience has consistently affirmed that therapy makes the biggest impact when it reaches beyond the limits of the intellect and engages with our emotional and intuitive selves.



I believe that our body, with its memory and its expressions, contains the richest, though so often inaccessible or unutilised, source of wisdom about ourselves. 



Whilst working with you, I will try to encourage a gentle attention directed towards your body - not to examine or 'read' it but to listen to the emotional language it speaks and take on board what it communicates. 



As we are able to release the body to its full being, to embody our subjectivity, we develop a particular expression known as sensuality.



To engage with the world in an embodied and sensual way means to feel more and therefore take more out of whatever we invest energy into, be nourished by our relationships, find joy in sharing and intimacy.



On another hand, it also means a clearer awareness and acceptance of our personal limitations, more thoughtful consideration about what is right for us, ability to make and stand by our decisions.