Justyna Sulowska

counselling and psychotherapy in Greenwich and Forest Hill

Why therapy works



"We need a witness to become a Self and later in life we need a witness to heal ourselves." (D. Stern)



Whether you struggle with depression, anger or anxiety, lack confidence or feel stuck repeating patterns, you know, are unhelpful or even destructive, underneath most of these 'symptoms' lie emotions too painful to engage with. 


Therapy provides a safe space where your entire inner experience is seen with honesty, clarity and compassion.


A relationship of trust and respectful attention of somebody trained to listen and respond to you with transparency but without judgement gradually allows you to develop a deep-rooted, instinctive trust in yourself.  


Therapy cannot 'cure' you or ensure that you will not experience pain, doubt or uncertainty again. But, my experience has shown again and again what therapy definitely does: it expands your awareness of the feelings and beliefs that motivate your actions, it fosters acceptance so you can transform your vulnerability into strength, it equips you to move on with greater ease and mobilise your own creativity to make further positive changes.  


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