Justyna Sulowska

counselling and psychotherapy in Greenwich and Forest Hill

How I work


I am an integrative counsellor. This means that I work simultaneously on many levels, attending to your thoughts and feelings as well as your physical experience and the dynamics of our relationship.


This also means that I draw on a range of therapeutic approaches and skills and actively seek a way of combining them to suit you as an individual. 


I offer predominantly open-ended therapy but shorter-term interventions focused on a particular issue are also a possibility.


When considering therapy it is natural not to be clear about the lenght or depth of engagement that is right for you. During your first appointment we will discuss your individual situation and structure a flexible plan to meet your needs.


Therapy can be an immensely rewarding journey leading to profound discoveries. I will be delighted to share it with you.


If you would like to make your first counselling appointment, please visit the contact page or continue reading to find out a bit more about me.


My qualifications and interests


My interest in psychotherapy originates from my background in clinical psychology and I am drawn to exploration of how different disciplines, paradigms and ways of working meet and enrich one another.


I completed my Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy training at the Minster Centre which is a leading psychotherapy training centre in London. I graduated with an MA in 2013. More recently, I qualified as an Integrative Supervisor, also at the Minster Centre. 


I am interested in relationships and place them at the centre of my therapeutic practice. I believe that through an honest and attentive exploration of our relationships - those from the past that shaped us and those in the present that sustain us - we can transform, deepen and heal our relationship with ourselves. In line with this, my clinical approach is influenced predominantly by psychodynamic and Object Relations schools of thought as well as contemporary theory of attachement. 


The significant roles that shaped me as a clinician were at Oxleas NHS Trust where I worked as a psychodynamic psychotherapist for four years after graduating and at Mosac - the charity supporting families experiencing domestic abuse where I volunteered as a counsellor during my training. 


But the richest source of experience, learning and fulfillment over the years has been my private practice where I am honoured to hear so many deeply moving stories.


Today I divide my work between my private practice and teaching qualitative research at the Minster Centre.


My experience and interests led me to develop a degree of clinical expertise in working with:

  • developmental trauma and attachment issues
  • emotional and physical abuse within family
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • trauma, dissociation and difficulties with emotional regulation
  • difficulties with intimacy and relationships
  • life transitions and loss


I continually work on my own personal and professional integration through ongoing commitment to self-development, supervision and specialised training.


I am an accredited member of UKCP and abide by their code of ethics.