Justyna Sulowska

counselling and psychotherapy in Greenwich and Forest Hill

I completed integrative supervision training at the Minster Centre. 

My understanding of supervision and its function is derived predominantly from the Seven-Eyed Model of Supervision and it involves an integrative endeavour of working on multiple levels.

If you are a counsellor/ psychotherapist working in private practice or a trainee on a clinical placement, here is how I could support you in developing your practice: 
  • through facilitating an in-depth exploration of your clinical work and relationships. 
  • by providing a safe space to reflect and attend to your personal experience, to the extent of how it interacts with your work. 
  • by inviting you to reflect on our supervisory relationship and how it might mirror/ reflect the key themes and dynamics present in your clinical work. 
  • through exploring the complexities of interconnecting wider contexts in which the clinical and supervisory relationships exist.
  • through bringing attention to the ethical principles and boundaries that contain the therapeutic work.
  • by guiding and supporting you with managing risk/ crisis. 
Naturally, my clinical training and experience bear the strongest influence upon my supervision practice (please, refer to the “about me” section to learn more about those).
However, I have experience of working in a wide range of clinical contexts and my supervision training challenged and supported me in developing skills necessary to work across different modalities.