Justyna Sulowska

counselling and psychotherapy in Greenwich and Forest Hill

You are unique


For better or worse, your environment and experiences have shaped who you are, and will continue to do so.


Where you come from and where you are headed add up to your very own path – it's like no other.


Because no two people are the same, every therapeutic relationship is unique.


I will listen to you carefully and, on your terms, in your own time, I will seek to find a way of working that will be new – even to me.


Your way.


My skills and knowledge are drawn from many therapeutic traditions and grounded in understanding of interconnections that link them together. I work actively to utilise them in a way that illuminates your individuality and makes me as helpful to you as I can be. 


But ultimately it is your journey. I can not offer you answers, but I will offer my presence and experience to support you and guide you to your own insight and understanding.


In its deepest sense, integrative psychotherapy is much more than a skill or technique. It is about a close engagement between us which, given time, facilitates a process of deep personal integration.


It is about how we become a whole person - one with our emotions, at home in our bodies, connected to others through meaningful relationships, with a sense of belonging to a wider universe and mindful of responsibility we all share for shaping our world.


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Integrative Psychotherapy in Greenwich and Forest Hill